We have built a powerful ecosystem in which we collaborate with skilled, experienced partners to develop creative solutions that are extraordinarily effective.

Collaboration, transparency and agility allow us to work quickly and effectively, enabling us to attack problems from different angles, to innovate, and to create unexpected solutions across a broad spectrum of traditional and non-traditional spaces.

Open Garden partnership

At Sunrise, we acknowledge that a single company can never master all disciplines. We also acknowledge that by working with others, we can be the best. In short, we believe in strong partnerships. Not just with our customers, but also with other skilled companies. That’s why we’ve established the Open Garden partnership, where we work with selected, highly competent and experienced specialist agencies so we can create the greatest effect for our clients.

Aakjær & Co.
E Types
Crosstown Kommunikation

To find out more about our Open Garden partnership, please contact Lars Egtoft
on +45 2320 0023 or

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