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Østerbro Teater was founded on the 1st of July 2017, to gather the two theatres Østre Gasværk Teater and Teater Republique under one common name, marking the creation of a strengthened and renewed theatre life in the district of Østerbro. A vibrant combination of Østre Gasværk Teater a well-established theatre and home of great, captivating stories and music,  and Teater Republique, an innovative theatre with a special focus on classics in new forms, international performing arts and challenging the classic theatre concept.


Digital entertainment platforms like Youtube and Instagram as well as streaming services like Netflix and HBO have changed the way we consume content, making it easier, more accessible and on our own terms. Therefore, the biggest challenge for Østerbro Teater is to redirect the consumers’ attention from  digital alternatives and make them aware of the great theatre experience available. Simultaneously, they want to tap into the opportunity of culturally active consumers becoming more aware of the importance of a healthy balance between commercial and cultural interests. To accomplish this goal Østerbro Teater partnered up with Sunrise to develop a display-banner and Google Ads-strategy, to increase awareness about new shows, reach potential customers who were already searching for related topics, as well as retarget visitors who previously had showed interest in a certain show, but not yet bought a ticket.


In order to track and optimize the performance of the Google Ads and display-banner campaigns, Sunrise implemented enhanced e-Commerce tracking, while also defining all critical goals and funnels in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. With the proper tracking in place, Sunrise could start building the Google Ads-campaigns, splitting the campaigns into two main focus areas. One targeted people searching for general related search terms like ”theatre copenhagen”, “theatre shows” etc. and one targeted  show-specific keywords, like “Pelle Erobreren”, “Et Vinter Eventyr” etc. The banner ad-campaigns were also split into two main focus areas. One targeted people with a cultural interest in the theatre scene as well as people currently in the market for theatre tickets, and one targeted people who had already visited one of Østerbro Teater website’s show-specific pages, but had not yet bought a ticket.


The result was a line of highly targeted banner and Google Ads-campaigns, converting visitors into customers from day one. By working continuously with conversion optimization, utilizing the insights gained by analyzing geographic, demographic and conversion data points like city, age, gender, device and time of day etc. we were able to increase the conversion rate from around 2% to a 7% conversion rate, while simultaneously decreasing the cost per conversion with almost 84%.

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