A shortcut to a decent meal on busy days


Not many brands would dare to ask their customers what they think about their campaign in today’s social media landscape. However, that’s exactly what we did for on Facebook when we launched’s new “OneClickDinner” campaign.

A born digital campaign

The entire campaign was created for social media and tailored to the audience’s online behaviour: Film content for social media, banner marketing and data collection via To further boost the campaign, all film content was produced for television as well.

“Most Danes have a busy and hectic lifestyle. All statistics point to the fact, but you don’t need to look much further than at your own life: Job, children, activities and all the everyday tasks.’s OneClickDinner provides you with a shortcut to a decent meal on busy days – without compromising on taste and quality. It only takes a single click to get everything you need, delivered right to the door.”

Janus Jauch, Creative Director at Sunrise

Result: launched their latest campaign “OneClickDinner” to rave reviews from customers on social media, who got to give their say on the latest campaign from the popular online retailer. The feedback from customers was overwhelmingly positive, with comments such as “Lovely campaign. Perfectly showing an everyday situation in the kitchen”, “I think it is very cute. Puts a smile on my lips” and “I think it is fun without being tacky”.

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