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SITUATION is by far Denmark’s leading online retailer, offering Danes a simple, convenient way to get their groceries delivered directly to their door (FDIH, 2019). Another 2019 study concludes that is Denmark’s best online grocery retailer (Retailnews, 2019). And there is a good reason for that. Everyday life can be demanding. Between work, family and friends many of us find ourselves running out of time. The last thing we want to do is spend half an hour or more each day planning meals, shopping and queuing before facing the prospect of slaving away in the kitchen.’s offer is therefore a strong one – particularly attractive among families with children and younger couples. These are the digital natives that are used to simplifying their lives online.


The challenge for was not so much awareness of its brand – having successfully established its position as the retailer that delivers groceries to your doorstep — the majority of us know the brand by now. However, new players frequently enter the market and grocery stores are still found on every street corner.

With this in mind, wanted to attract new customers while increasing customer loyalty and retention among the existing ones. To do so, wanted to communicate one of its main strengths; offering the Danes an easier and more convenient way to shop for groceries, which can help them save time in their hectic lives. However, the significant proportion of consumers that still haven’t opted for online grocery shopping highlights drawbacks such as; delivery price, not being able to touch and feel the products, a higher price perception of everyday goods and the lack of offers. So, an additional challenge was to communicate specific tactical messages reaffirming in the eyes of customers what offers.

We have successfully established’s position as the retailer that delivers groceries to your doorstep, however, in order to attract new customers while increasing customer loyalty and retention, we needed a new, strong concept highlighting some of the emotional advantages associated with having time to the meaningful things in life.”

Commercial Director,, Mikkel Pilemand


It’s clear that many Danes lack time, wellbeing and happiness in their ever more hectic daily lives. In fact, a recent study suggested the primary status symbol among women today is “wellbeing in everyday life”. A further study conducted by Mindshare also shows that 42% of Danes feel a marked need to “slow down”. Further research shows that by shopping online consumers stand to save three hours every week. It was clear to that this should be the focus of the new communication concept and campaign; that we should give people what they are crying out for – more time – to focus on what really matters. chose Sunrise to respond to these insights and tasked them with how to transition the brand’s communication concept to create more emotional resonance among the target group.

What would you do with more time?
With an extra three hour a week you could do a lot; destress with a run, read to your kids, indulge in a favourite hobby or simply slouch on the sofa. In essence, you get more time for all the valuable things – and the best thing is that you get to decide what you want to do with the extra time that gives you. It’s here that the idea for the new campaign was born, articulated through the communication concept: “Mere tid til livet”. The campaign’s fresh, contemporary tonality presenting the authentic lives of three key Danish influencers, all with children, demanding careers and a need to get time back. Silas Holst, Le Gammeltoft and Ditte Julie Jensen were ideal ambassadors for and were all willing to give an insight into their personal lives, helping convey the message in a reliable and relatable way.

An influencer driven, cross channel campaign
Sunrise instigated the influencer driven, cross channel campaign with three key campaign films of each influencer and their unique lives. The films present a modern slice of life that while aspirational is also grounded in the everyday realities we all face.
Creative Director at Sunrise, Janus Jauch, explains:

The idea was to create a campaign that Danes could relate to. We wanted to tell the influencers’ personal stories while benefitting from their reach and celebrity directing attention to and the message. In this way the influencers worked as both ambassadors and media channels.

Emotionally driven – tactically executed
The campaign is a 360-degree rollout driven by three nation-wide TV commercials and supported by digital exposure tailored to the target group’s online behaviour: film content for social media, banner marketing and unique, engaging content created by the three influencers. Working on both a higher emotional, branded level through the TVCs the “Mere tid til livet” message comes across clearly and effectively while tactical messages such as “the widest organic range of groceries” also responds to the target group’s pain points as to why they might not shop online or have yet to become frequent shoppers.

The feedback says it all

Feedback from and its customers online via social media channels has been overwhelmingly positive.’s Commercial Director, Mikkel Pilemand states,
We are very satisfied with the result and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback both internally and externally.”

One SoMe user states,
An amazing advertisement with the right message – spend time on the things that truly matter”.

Simon Hertz, CEO and co-owner at Sunrise, adds:
It is always thrilling to work with ambitious and innovative companies like and take part in creating results and growth. It’s a pleasure to work with Mikkel Pilemand and his team and we are very pleased with the result. We feel quite confident that the new communication concept we have developed with can help realize their goals.”

If you want to learn more about how Sunrise has previously worked with, have a look at how we helped it conquer the market for recipe boxes – we created a digitally born campaign about the shortcut to a decent meal on busy days.

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