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Improving performance in a highly competitive market

Increasing awareness and sales for Tivoli Casino


All Danes know the famous amusement park TIVOLI Gardens located in the center of Copenhagen. It is more of a well-kept secret – at least outside the online gaming community – that TIVOLI also has a big online casino with hundreds of slotmachines, live online casino, black jack, poker etc.

Slotmachines have always been a part of TIVOLI Gardens. Years before the internet, people have come to the old garden for excitement and to chase their luck with like a little bit of gambling.

TIVOLI Casino and Sunrise has now joined forces in a journey towards increasing awareness and raising the number of visitors signing up on The mission is clear: We must merge that special feeling of excitement and magic we all know from the Tivoli Gardens into the marketing- and communication platform for the online casino platform.


The competition within the online casino market extremely dynamic and very tough.The market is crowded with competitors and more are entering the market every month. The reason for this is that the core product is more or less the same throughout the market. Games are often identical across different providers, and it is relatively simple to establish a technical platform on the market.


How can TIVOLI Casino – with a significantly smaller marketing and mediabudget – cut through the noise and deliver a clear signal and message to both experienced players and new online gamers in the market?


TIVOLI Casino has a unique advantage because of its direct relation with TIVOLI Gardens. This gives credibility to the brand story. Literally speaking we are able to stand on the shoulders of a Danish love brand. That will create awareness and give us the necessary differentiation in the market.

The first campaign uses a sign-up bonus for new players, which includes an annual card to the garden. This type of cross-promotion helps us differentiate from other providers and attracts not only current online casino players, but also new players, who might not see themselves as typical online-gamers.

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Simon Hertz
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