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What are the challenges & key agendas for CMOs in 2018?

A study conducted in collaboration between Sunrise and UserTribe investigates the current affairs and challenges of CMOs of small and mid-sized companies in Denmark. The report highlights the issues that are most top of mind for CMOs in marketing departments with 3-20 employees across a broad range of industries, such as:

• The customer journey
• Data & insights
• Brand strategy
• Go-to-market strategy
• Marketing automation

The insights provide the reader with an understanding of the reality, marketing departments are facing. Finally, the report contains recommendations on how to start working with the key marketing issues in 2018.

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Novelty of the report // Getting back to reality

The media tend to favor the new Nike or Apple campaign, the millions spent and the huge teams behind the groundbreaking efforts. Inspiring interviews with Tim Cook and other CEOs of S&P 500 and C20 companies are interesting, but cases from the biggest companies in the world have little to do with the reality for most CMOs.

Based on in-depth interviews with 40 prominent CMOs from B2B and B2C companies, the most noteworthy findings are summarized in this 12-pager.

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