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New brand platform as a foundation for global expansion


Eltronic is a Danish engineering company specialized in the optimization of industrial processes. Its customers include some of the world’s largest companies within biotechnology, electronic manufacturing and industrial manufacturing. Eltronic recently developed its new product DIAP – an innovative and combined hardware-software solution that collects, analyzes and visualizes manufacturing companies’ production data. Eltronic is prepared to launch DIAP globally with several markets offering vast growth potential.


By 2020, digitalization is expected to more than double within industrial companies, and data & analytics will be driving an increasing part of the daily decision-making*. This transition is widely known as industry 4.0, and despite the undeniable business impact of industry 4.0, many companies struggle getting started. Eltronic wishes to accelerate manufacturing companies’ journey towards industry 4.0 by enabling them to turn their hidden production data into actionable and cost-saving insights. This is what DIAP is developed for.

However, the high degree of technical know-how that successfully created DIAP has simultaneously become a challenge, as the complexity of the product is not the language that resonates with the prospects’ businesses. Therefore, Eltronic has partnered with Sunrise to develop a new, stakeholder-relevant brand platform for DIAP, including a new visual identity, a brand story and an updated digital presence in order to build a strong foundation for growth and global expansion.


How do you develop a brand platform that not only manages to simplify a highly complex product category, but also enables to introduce an unknown brand in a way that stands out in a uniform industrial manufacturing market?


A number of interviews with relevant internal and external stakeholders established the foundation for encapsulating DIAP’s key brand drivers and differentiating parameters.


The insights revealed that a majority of DIAP’s potential customers are captivated by the business outcome from digitalizing their production. The analysis further showed an increasing demand for a ‘plug-and-play’ solution fully compatible with any of their PLCs, sensors or industrial robots.

DIAP is the only player in the market that can truly claim to offer this through its integrated hardware-software solution. These insights combined formed the basis of the platform and is articulated through the value proposition: “Discover the hidden potential”.

The new value proposition captures the outcome of using DIAP. The accompanying brand story likewise encapsulates how DIAP on the one side helps its customers by pointing out typical challenges and issues in the manufacturing industry, and how it on the other side provides them with the accompanying solution to these challenges.

To support the new brand story, Sunrise further revised DIAP’s visual identity to reflect this duality. The identity is represented by two sides of a production facility, with the DIAP product system placed in the middle. The one side is dark grey and illustrates the challenges and issues the customers have not yet uncovered. The other side is a powerful orange representing the color that discovers the solution – the hidden potential. This message is stressed by an overlay effect showcasing how DIAP helps its customers doing just that. Sunrise further implemented a new font type, colors, a visual style, a graphical style and created a messaging hierarchy targeted DIAP’s different stakeholders.


How do you develop a brand platform that not only manages to simplify a highly complex product category, but also enables to introduce an unknown brand in a way that stands out in a uniform industrial manufacturing market?

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