We are running to stand still

 – Ole Draborg, executive director of Danske Malermestre

Danske Malermestre is the industry organisation for Danish painters and decorators. The organisation has always faced changes and Ole Draborg has been a member since 1995. This time, the task involved assuring collective agreements and helping the organisation’s members with the legal aspects of their industry. Currently, the association also helps members with their contracts and any conflicts with large contractors, customers etc. It is also more important than ever to brand the organisation’s 1,500 members in a time where they face tough competition and where there is a lot of pressure from untrained decorators. There is a need for clear messages and a presence in the right media. Ole Draborg tells us about an association in transition.

Ole Draborg told us “I helped to develop Danske Malermestre to what it is today, where we have a broader outreach than we had when I started in 1995. Looking back, we jumped a bit too much from one campaign to the next, and from one bureau to another. There was no specific plan or direction in what we were doing. Nowadays I can see that there was an element of waste. We have stuck to our “Real Painter and Decorator” concept for four years now, and we are very pleased with it. But we have otherwise changed our expression and direction, thanks to a new campaign that we developed in collaboration with Sunrise.”

-Ole Draborg has been in charge of Danske Malermestre since 1995.

-Danske Malermestre was formed in 1990, as an employers’ association and industry organisation for all Danish painting and decorating companies.

-The association is comprised of 34 low-level and expert associations, representing approx. 1,500 members.

-Sunrise has helped Danske Malermestre with a revitalised communications platform, a go-to-market strategy, a new website and a campaign for the “Real Painter and Decorator” concept.

The image of the painting and decorating industry needed a retouch

We needed to broadly alter the popular impression that painting and decorating is something that you can do by yourself over the weekend, with a bucket of paint from your local DIY store.  Even though Danske Malermestre’s members have industry training and a three-and-a-half-year long qualification, spent at school and working with a professional, painting buildings hasn’t really been considered a particularly skilled occupation in recent years. Therefore, our campaign served two purposes – an internal and an external:

1) creating a sense of pride and common direction for the organisation’s membership

2) communicating our message to both private and corporate customers

This required a unified, sustainable communication platform that was considered and robust enough to deal with both tasks.

“Previously, you just had to have a good idea. But times and tasks have changed. Nowadays there is a more holistic way of looking at things: website, perceived behaviour, newsletters; everything has to be cohesive as a complete identity. And this is where Sunrise was very systematic in its approach. This gave us security.” says Ole Draborg. “Everyone in the organisation has bought into the message. And this is important when we are out there telling people that we are real painters and decorators. Luckily, our membership is 100% supportive of the new concept.

At the same time, I am very proud that we have been able to bring professional customers on board and get them to take part in the campaign. Construction is a very tough industry that is all about choosing a collaborator you can trust.”

The media strategy was given more than just a retouch

It is one thing to develop a good campaign. It is something else to get optimum benefit from it. Previously, Danske Malermestre used traditional advertising, such as in women’s and home design magazines. This time, the campaign was based on a more digital strategy. At the same time, the campaign was also used in connection with various events, such as the Danish People’s Gathering on Bornholm and the Danish and World Skills championships. When you only have a limited marketing budget, it is important to target the right people and the right places, to ensure the best possible exploitation of the campaign’s potential.

“We select media in collaboration with our media agency. Personally, I have been very satisfied with the sponsorships we had on the weather forecast and TV2 Fri and I am considering whether we should repeat those. But right now, the main thing is to maintain our focus and stick to our message, so our customers don’t just see us as painters and decorators, but the right painters and decorators. We are the last people to leave the construction site and our work is the first thing you see when you go inside. In reality, this is what makes the difference in your home or at your workplace. You want it to look nice, right?” Draborg concludes.

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