What is Sunrise?

Sunrise is a Commercial Transition Agency

We are 100% privately-owned. Based in Copenhagen, we are known for developing lasting partnerships and creative concepts that bring long-term fame and success to our clients. Our aim is always to create solutions that make a big impact in the present, and an even bigger difference for you and your brand in the long run. That’s why we have a very clear purpose.

What is our purpose?

Elevating brands & people

What do we do?

We bridge sales and marketing to build brands for today and tomorrow.

What is our mission?

To be the preferred partner for companies facing a commercial transformation, and looking to tie sales and marketing together to create business results.

What is our method?

We believe that companies can’t make the creative leaps needed for growth without going beyond data analysis and gaining real customer insight. We are still insanely curious about people and what makes them tick. For us, that’s still the most important marketing question.

We do this through a data-driven method called INC. This method helps our clients move from complexity to simplicity, and enables them to make better, more informed decisions about their business and marketing.

Find us. We’ve got offices in Copenhagen
and Aarhus.


Hillerødgade 30B
2200 København

+45 70 13 31 32


Vestergade 5B,
8000 Aarhus C

+45 29 68 49 42

Meet the management. Reach out if you want to have a talk about your company’s commercial transition.

Mikkel Heideby CCO & Co-owner

+45 20 25 30 05

Simon Hertz CEO & Co-owner

+45 22 70 77 10

Lars Egtoft CFO & Co-owner

+45 23 20 00 23

Meet the team. All experts. Diverse fields and backgrounds. One thing in common: Elevating Brands & People.

Teit W. Knudsen Partner – Digital Strategy & Insights

Jesper Heinsvig Managing Director & Partner

Trine Rønsbøl Associate Partner

Christoffer Kleding Associate Partner & Head of Social

Jonathan Riis Gilmartin Associate Partner and Head of CRM & Sales Enablement

Katrine Nordgaard Associate Partner and Head of Insights & Strategy

Janus Maybom Jauch Creative Director

Christian Werther Digital Design Director

Camilla Kornbeck Højlund Head of Marketing Automation

Mads Toft Senior Consultant – CRM & Sales Enablement

Louise Kristiansen Head of Project Management

Carla Mathilde Larsson Associate Social Media Consultant

Sophia Blomstrøm Senior Controller

Puk Ebsen Consultant

Emma Wittendorff Social Media Consultant

Jakob Halkiær Larsen Social Content Creative

Matias Kristensen Paid & Performance Specialist

Mikkel Søborg Creative Director

Fatemeh Bak Consultant

Anna Louise Poulsen Project Manager

Malene Illum Consultant – Insights & Strategy

Amilla Würtz Consultant

Thea Hedegaard Møller Consultant – Insights & Strategy

Simon Kragballe Consultant CRM & Sales Enablement

Mads Munk Pedersen Consultant CRM & Sales Enablement

Mikkel Carden Associate Consultant CRM & Sales Enablement

Amalie Willems Associate Consultant CRM & Sales Enablement

Melanie Sophia Lentz Assistant Consultant CRM & Sales Enablement

Maria Hougesen Associate Digital Consultant

Luke Cooper Senior Copywriter

Karl Beckman Copywriter

Maria Skriver Copywriter

Stine Norreen Senior Copywriter

Bue Peitersen Senior Copywriter

Ditte Munk Senior Project Manager

Anja Hviid Borning Senior Project Manager

Cilja Simone Bach Project Manager

Lise Skakkebæk Larsen Senior Project Manager (maternity leave)

Cecilie Didrichsen Digital Project Manager

Jane Freiberg Senior Project Manager

Martin Hlavacka Full Stack Developer

Mathias Riisgaard Nielsen Associate Consultant

Christina Pearl Heldt Hamø Service Designer

Christian Zohnesen Senior Developer

Casper Lind Petersen Senior Consultant

Anki Hansen Designer & Art Director

Martin Stjernegaard Lead Digital Experience Designer

Molly Hertz Office Manager

Rune Høgsberg Senior Designer

Aman Reehal Art Director

Ken Jørgensen Developer

Rebekka Lorenscheit Student – Legal and Finance

Birte Højsager Art Director

Amalie Sørensen Associate Social Media Consultant

Dannie Søndergaard Head of Business Process