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Setting a concrete course of action for Langebæk’s go-to-market strategy

Mapping the customer journey to sharpen the go-to-market strategy



Langebæk is an engineering & management consulting firm, specialised in Supply Chain & Logistics. Widely regarded as leaders in their field, they have one of the most experienced teams of Supply Chain & Logistics experts in Scandinavia, with an outstanding track-record:

  • Over 40 years of experience in the field
  • More than 3,000 successfully delivered projects for over 300 clients in 30-odd countries, from Greenland to North Africa, and the Sinai to South Korea

As part of an ambitious long-term growth strategy, Langebæk were approaching sales & marketing more strategically than in the past. To that end, the brief was two-fold: First, working closely with Langebæk, to map the customer journey and put their strategic planning on a firmer footing, and second, provide recommendations & ideas for a more effective go-to-market strategy



The Operations Consulting market, of which Supply Chain & Logistics is a part, is increasingly international and competitive. To varying degrees competitors include

  1. The Big 4 global consultancies
  2. Classic management consultancies, incl. strategy boutiques, both global and regional firms
  3. Specialised consultancies (such as Langebæk), most often with regional/national geographic scope
  4. Locally-focused Independent Consultancies & Sole Contractors

In this environment, a reputable brand, strong competitive position and high levels of awareness & preference among the target audience is crucial to winning business and building long-term client relationships. Characteristic of B2B markets, decision-making and purchasing behaviour is complex, involving multiple stakeholders. Quality of relationships with key stakeholders remains key indicator for future performance

All this makes it vital for Langebæk to develop and deploy a go-to-market strategy that allows them to ‘kick down doors’, create network effects and ensure a seat at the table – in short give them as many opportunities to present themselves and their competencies as possible. Therefore, Langebæk partnered with Sunrise to get a deeper understanding of their customer’s needs and wants – and a clearer roadmap for where their marketing and sales activities can add value and make a difference along each step of the customer journey.

Lars Bek Jensen, Partner & Direktør, Langebæk A/S

“We engaged with Sunrise to get a new perspective on how we relate to our customers. Over time, you tend to build up an understanding of your market, and Sunrise has helped us to comprehend our market position and take customer relationships to a new level. We will use this extensively for our future marketing initiatives and in our strategic development. I can only praise Sunrise for their cooperation, insight and the value added to our continuous development”



Sunrise conducted a series of in-depth interviews both internally and externally with stakeholders across key segments. Collectively the insights allowed us to:

  • Identify the buying behaviour of the target group and understand key category drivers and barriers
  • Deliver recommendations for actionable marketing and sales initiatives detailing how Langebæk could improve performance at each step of the journey

These enabled Langebæk and Sunrise to set a concrete course of action for how Langebæk’s go-to-market strategy could create buyer enablement and make it easier for customers to navigate the complex purchasing process – while simultaneously building preference for Langebæk’s offering.

Sunrise delivered a prioritized roadmap that addressed every stage of the customer journey. From problem identification to advocacy of the brand – a toolbox of marketing activities was delivered. Armed with insights and actions from Sunrise, Langebæk is now equipped to realise their long-term strategy.

Kim von Irgens-Bergh, Brand Manager, Langebæk A/S

“Among other things, our strategic objectives require us to improve our marketing & sales capabilities and effectiveness. We were looking for a strategic partner to help drive that development; a partner who was open to working with us rather than for us. Sunrise ticked all the right boxes. Our team there, ably led by Phillip and Lisbet, have provided us with valuable insights & ideas, and are a real pleasure to work with”

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