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Are You Fucking with my Groundwater?!


Elretur takes responsibility for the collection and reprocessing of waste electrical and electronic equipment and batteries. It has around 1,000 member companies and assumes collection of by far the largest quantity of electrical waste in Denmark. The association was set up in 2005 to ensure producers take responsibility for the effect of their products on the environment. Of course, we all have a part to play in this, starting with the recycling of batteries.


Although we’ve heard it nicely put before, it was necessary for the people at Elretur to repeat their important message – batteries should be recycled correctly and not simply thrown into the rubbish bin along with all the other trash. That’s because of the devastating effects that the chemicals inside the batteries have on the environment – not least the groundwater we all drink! The challenge here was to create a campaign that raised awareness of a message we are already familiar with in a new and engaging way. It was also important that this should be done without pointing the finger and blaming people.



With these factors taken into account Elretur chose Sunrise to develop a campaign that would focus on the message of recycling batteries correctly in order to not pollute groundwater. It was decided that the best way to reach the Danish target audience would be with a teasing, humorous approach.

The campaign culminated in two commercials with the fantastic Bodil Jørgensen – a household name in Denmark cast in the lead role. She was the perfect actor to get across a serious message while having a good laugh.

The commercials start in an everyday, cosy environment and take a sharp turn when the lead character played by Bodil Jørgensen finds a battery in the rubbish bin and reacts in a way no-one is expecting: “Are you fucking with my groundwater?!”

Reaching the public digitally

As well as the lead commercials, Sunrise developed a number of banners and a website, which became the campaign’s informative focal point. Here Danes could take part in a quiz, get smarter, find the nearest battery recycling point and get other good advice about the topic.

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