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A new position with old school values

Repositioning the brand


danbolig is the fourth largest real estate chain in Denmark with its nearly 150 shops across the country – from Lemvig to Hellerup. danbolig was established in 1989, and the chain is built on an individual ownership structure that brings the chain some highly skilled, motivated and proactive real estate agents.

For 20 years out of danbolig’s 30-year existence, Sunrise has been working with danbolig. First by repositioning the brand and later on helping with campaigns, products and events to name a few. It’s all about aligning the brand and creating a strong synergy between all of its local real estate agents, while remembering to keep moving forward.



The strength that comes from having an individual ownership structure can just as quickly turn into a weakness, if not handled right. As opposed to many of danbolig’s competitors, who are capital owned corporations, danbolig’s biggest challenge was founded in the chain’s structure. Instead of being controlled top-down, the local real estate agents steer the course of danbolig as a whole. The real estate agents in the danbolig chain worked hard – but separately – causing the chain’s communication to become autonomous and creating a lack of brand synergy.

When Per Bie became CEO of danbolig, he took on the challenge of setting a new course for danbolig. Together with Commercial Director, Anne Mette Koch, he decided to breathe new life into the danbolig brand. Extra attention to branding and marketing was necessary to make 1+1 equal 3. Sunrise was tasked to help with this equation and reposition the brand. The job was simple, but hard: How do you reposition a chain as a whole and create cohesion and unity across?


Repositioning the brand and updating the look
For any individually owned chain – there’s a great process in uncovering what makes up the brand. In danboligs case, we looked from north to south and east to west – or more so listened. It meant travelling around the country and talking to all the local danbolig real estate agents to unearth the core that unites them. We dug deep to get a true understanding of the chain’s finest asset – its real estate agents. The ones from Hjørring, the ones from Sønderborg and everyone else. As it turned out, the chain’s biggest differences were its biggest strengths – the personal touch and local know-how that a danbolig real estate agent brings to any table. This became the foundation of the brand strategy for danbolig: Denmark’s most personal and competent local real estate agent.

Following the brand strategic work, the personal and competent real estate agent needed to be translated into a new visual identity. A stronger and more distinguishable visual identity that could unite danbolig’s communication across the entire chain.

Per Bie, CEO at danbolig:

“We have a unique and valuable position, which we need to hold on to in a world in constant change. We stay relevant by strengthening our position with a new, modern and updated approach – especially within the digital landscape. It’s the only way we can continue to create value for both our chain and our customers.”

Getting everyone on board – from east to west


Given danbolig’s corporate structure, it was very important for danbolig to ensure internal backing on the new brand position – more so than usual. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the individual real estate agents and their commitment to the journey. This meant that danbolig headquarters played an important role in ensuring the successful implementation of the new brand position as Denmark’s most personal and competent real estate chain. To support HQ, Sunrise has helped develop and execute a number of training assemblies and kick-off events for the real estate agents, as well as internal campaign materials to ensure understanding and support of the new brand internally.

Staying on track with the brand


After launching the new brand platform and corporate visual identity, danbolig and Sunrise have worked together to bring the revitalized brand to life. Staying on track with the brand has been of key importance, but even more so, ensuring the continued evolvement and calibration of the brand to adapt to digitalisation and changes in the customer journey. To strengthen danbolig’s offering to potential customers, Sunrise has been in charge of the conceptualisation of danbolig’s different products, such as VurderingsWeekend, MatchMaker, clevr and danbolig’s digital platform, ”Our Neighbourhood”, which gives future homebuyers the ability to dive into the unique aspects of residential areas in Denmark. Over the years, Sunrise has also helped develop yearly campaigns for VurderingsWeekend and Vores Nabolag, among others, which function as effective lead generators for the local real estate agents.

Simon Hertz, CEO and co-owner at Sunrise:

“It’s no secret that following a client for that many years gives me great joy and it’s a rare opportunity these days. Together with Per Bie and Anne Mette Koch we did the leg work, repositioned the brand and followed through in all other aspects of danbolig’s brand – from events to a tight corporate identity and numerous campaigns – staying consistent and relevant the whole time.”

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