Sunrise Opens New Office in Aarhus and Fortifies with New Partner and Several Senior Profiles

Sunrise is opening a new office in Aarhus – expanding again after growing by 50% and from 37 to 55 employees in 2021. The new office, which will open in April, is a natural part of the agency’s growth strategy and allows for more collaborations with companies located both in Copenhagen and outside Copenhagen.

Casper Henningsen,
CEO & Co-founder of Sonar

We can now support more of our customers’ needs with stronger capabilities. We are gaining momentum, leveraging on our technology, expertise, and partnerships to make a global splash and scale our operations with full focus on the software element of our companyI believe that we at Sonar have a product that can take the world by storm, empowering companies to build better solutions and services for their customers and increase their revenue potential”.

Jesper Heinsvig, previously from Envision will take over as head of Sunrise Aarhus, while Janus Jauch will shift location from the Copenhagen office to the soon-to-be-opened office in Jutland. Jesper holds the position of Managing Director & Partner, while Janus becomes Creative Director & Partner for Sunrise Aarhus ­– a project that CEO & Senior Partner Simon Hertz has high expectations for:

“We are of course both happy and excited to start up in Aarhus”, says CEO Simon Hertz and continues, “It is more than just another agency we are helping to start. It is an extension of ourselves, which in addition to bearing our name must also live up to it. This requires both humility and courage.”

Managing Director Jesper Heinsvig has for the past nine years advised major Danish and international companies in marketing and brand strategy at the Aarhus-based agency Envision as Client Service Director. Before his time at Envision, he was at Sunrise from 2010–2013, and is looking forward to once again rolling up his sleeves for the agency, which in the meantime has transitioned significantly and in his view is now, among other things, strongly digitally focused:

“Sunrise is a strong and well-functioning organization, which has developed significantly in several areas during recent years. To have such strong backup combined with the opportunity through Sunrise Aarhus to act locally, agilely, and independently, is a dream scenario for me. And I’m pretty sure that is also the case for our customers.”

Janus Jauch shifts from Sunrise Copenhagen to Sunrise Aarhus, where he continues as Creative Director & Partner:

“We are looking forward to strengthening the agency’s overall position and developing Sunrise Aarhus, and I personally look forward to being a creative leader on this new project. The fact I’ve decided to switch locations doesn’t make it any less interesting. I see it as a new chapter in my life, and of course also my Sunrise life.”

An ambition to grow and elevate brands and people

The opening of Sunrise Aarhus should not be seen as a new direction for Sunrise, but rather part of the growth strategy that has already been defined for the agency – where the vision is to advise companies that are facing a commercial transition.

According to Simon Hertz, the reason for opening Sunrise Aarhus is a combination of good timing and increasing numbers of inquiries about an office in Jutland:

“Keeping your distance can be very strange.” says CEO Simon Hertz:

“Sunrise is no stranger to serving customers throughout Denmark, and Zoom and Teams meetings have exploded over the past two years, so in principle a factor such as geography may seem less relevant. Nevertheless, physical proximity when working together in marketing is still an important element for many companies to enable constructive collaboration. We always want to be close to our customers, and we believe that this can only strengthen our ability to collaborate day-to-day and in the long term. So, when this opportunity arose, it was only natural for us to pursue it.”

At the same time, Simon Hertz sees the new initiative as something that benefits the entire agency:

“We also really believe that momentum and development is a good thing in itself for a company. It gives energy to the whole organization – and this benefits our customers.”

Sunrise Aarhus opens on Vestergade 5, which is located in the centre of Aarhus and close to the pedestrian street. The office is expected to open its doors on April the 1st 2022.

In addition to Sunrise’s expansion into Aarhus and the appointment of Jesper Heinsvig, three more senior profiles have joined Sunrise in 2022. Christian Werther has taken over as Digital Design Director at Sunrise, previously from NoA Ignite. Martin Stjernegaard has joined as Lead Experience Designer also previously from NoA Ignite. And Ditte Munk has joined as Senior Project Manager previously from Sæther.

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