We focus our activation & implementation by generating, executing and distributing creative solutions for the target audience in a relevant way, in order to create attention, emotion and reach key business objectives.

Create / Activate the strategy and start implementing

We help our client with:

Always on

Your company’s ongoing communication and marketing initiatives (often on digital and social media) that ensures a continual visibility and presence towards relevant target groups – and hereby makes your brand, company and products easy to think of and easy to buy from

Social media strategy: With our innovative and result-proven framework, we develop strategies that make your company and brand more innovative, engaging and better at measuring the effects on social media.

Content for social media: We work closely together with your team to plan, produce and publish content on a monthly or quarterly basis that are tailored for social media. Through our uniqe collaborative setup we make your company and brand capture the attention of your target group in an involving and unique way.

Paid social and content distribution: We help your company and brand create awareness, build preference and generate more sales by reaching the right people at the right time with the right message.

Community Management: We help your company interact and engage with your community on all social media platforms to ensure a dynamic, engaging and service-oriented customer experience that meets the expectations of the consumers and social media users today.

Measurement and data analysis: We combine a short term approach with a long term mindset to generate the most effect for your company on social media. This we do by measuring the short term results of your communication and marketing initiatives in combination with data analysis to enrich our efforts on both a strategic and operational level – and hereby ensure long term effect.

Video content production (low-medium production value): It is no secret that videos are trending on online platforms. Today videos are a big part of the way companies and consumers are communicating online. We help you ensure a high frequency of low-cost production videos with our agile setup. Put your employees, customers and products in front of the camera and we will shoot, edit, cut, finish and deliver up to several videos to you with in few working days.

Ongoing creative productions (print, banner, blog articles, thought pieces): The bar has been raised! Today’s savvy and demanding customers and consumers require content that is both relevant and stunning. Whatever your ongoing need is, we have an efficient, effective and scalable production setup, that allows you to create impactful marketing materials that’ll make your brand stand out and demand a premium.

Inbound marketing (‘always on’ and ‘data and technology’ combined): Inbound marketing can help you attract, engage and delight your potential customers, by providing them with content that is helpful to their context. We can help you with your whole inbound setup, from content plan and creation to having the right system to handle the leads coming in.



We help you create and execute stunning, culturally relevant and impactful campaigns. By connecting your company, product or service with the right message, for the right audience at the right time and price, we ensure you get the desired response – every time! Whatever the objective we ensure you stand out, cut through the noise and are distinctive – setting you up for commercial success.

Campaign concept development: Every campaign needs to be based on the right insights and creative idea, that’ll allow you to resonate and create the desired response. Whatever your task, we help you find the “hook” that translates your commercial goals into an inspiring and activating message for your audiences.

Campaign production: Whether you’ll need a few marketing materials for a highly targeted LinkedIn ABM-campaign or a broad, bold and beautiful integrated campaign across a plethora of media – we bring your ideas and concepts to live across all thinkable and unthinkable platforms. From film production to landing page development and social media posts. Always with a prudent eye for the details – and your budget!

Campaign planning: By thoroughly understanding your business objectives and target audiences, we help you set the right course for your campaign. Whether tightly targeted or mass market-oriented, focused on building awareness, creating leads or driving sales right here and now you’ll get a marketing funnel, that’ll set you up for success.

Measurement: We’re here to create marketing effectiveness for you and your business – that’s how we measure our success. Nothing else. To do so, we help you establish, track and optimize on the metrics that matters – both in the short and in the long term. Giving you the insights to know when, where and how your marketing is helping you drive commercial results.

Data and Technology

The companys ongoing activities that centers on the company’s own data (first party-data collected in CRM), own platforms (i.e. CMS and website) and own technology (i.e. app). Due to the full ownership and the digital development in today’s marketing landscape, data and technology are very valuable for the company and often plays a key role in the communication, marketing and sales activities.

CRM strategy – how should we work with our customers?: About one-third of CRM projects fail, this is usually due to the lack of a strategy. Before we choose the system, there should be a strategy for working with customers, that everyone in the organisation can understand. We can help you develop the strategy and make sure it has buyinn from all the relevant stakeholders in your company.

CRM deploy and maintenance: After the strategy is in place, we utilize that to help you choose the right fit CRM system that best lives up to your company’s needs and wishes. We do this by working closely with your teams, to define their workflows and how they could be improved in the new system. When that is set in stone, we will help you get rid of your old system and move all of your data into the new setup.

Marketing automation, lead scoring and lead nurturing: How can we best work with our potential customers, through our funnel? A well thought out marketing automation setup, can help you score, nuture and close your leads and make it repetable.


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