Rebranding the Church of Denmark?

Fewer and fewer Danes are choosing a traditional church funeral. In light of this development, our CCO & Co-Owner, Mikkel A. T. Heideby, was live on an episode of AK24syv on Radio24syv. Mikkel hypothesizes that the Church of Denmark currently has a branding problem and continues to share his views upon the challenge at hand: The Danish church has failed to adapt to the changing times and thus their members’ needs.

Members and non-members alike, view the church as being rather boring and traditional. And to put it in a company perspective: The church in churning and has to fix it. Mikkel suggests an outside-in approach instead of the current inside-out approach. He uses the National Museum of Denmark as a prime example of a traditional institute, that has managed to hone in on their costumers’ changing needs and expectations.

The old-fashioned and outdated funeral has to be personalized in order to keep up with these changing needs. Though the target segment might only limited by the population number, as we all die eventually, the Church of Denmark still has to look at their “customers” as individuals and hence offer personalized packages. If not, the church will keep churning as members continue to seek alternatives. Mikkel further suggests a new tagline for the Church of Denmark.

Listen to the podcast from 00:42:00 here.

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