We develop the brand & strategy by exploring possible positions – relevant, credible and engaging areas of focus for the brand’s image and communication. We also create big creative concepts – a long-term, distinctive core idea that unites and directs all the brand’s marketing efforts.

Market Attractiveness Analysis

Drawing on both qualitative and quantitative data such as willingness to pay, purchase intent and basket size we crunch the numbers that allows you to evaluate the commercial attractiveness of each market segment. Through attractiveness-competitiveness analysis you’ll be equipped to identify where to invest your resources and which benefits and features that’ll differentiate you from the competition and create relevance with your target audience. Going from a ‘one size fits all’ approach to an efficient and effective marketing and sales engine.

Brand Platform

A clear, unified brand platform is critical to competitive strategy. At Sunrise we believe that it is the brand platform from which every successful marketing activity is launched. It defines your organization’s personality, its distinctive ways of communicating, and its DNA — what it stands for and the enduring values that underlie its promise to customers. It serves as the ”north star”, providing direction and purpose. We help your company define the long-term positioning strategy across brands and commercial activities that drive results.

Corporate Visual Identity

Surrounding every strong brand is a distinct, uniform and recognizable visual language and expression across everything you do. We help you translate your brand’s DNA and personality into a strong visual identity; ensuring that zesty fifth element that truly reflects and breathes life into your brand.

Communication Concept

Rooted in your brand’s DNA we help you devise consistent, effective and brand-building communication that resonates and engages your audience. Together, we make sure that your brands attributes and benefits are firing on all cylinders to create meaningful connections with your customers. Making it more effective, uniform and qualitative.

Product Concept

With empathy and respect for your brand’s DNA we help you launch new products and services that’ll help you captivate new markets and drive growth. Through a deep understanding of your target customers and markets, we help your innovations take flight and cut through the clutter, by devising cunning and stunning product concepts that’ll help you sieze new commercial arenas.

Brand Portfolio Strategy

We help you navigate in increasingly complex markets by crafting brand portfolio strategies that work and drive growth. By balancing your business strategy with customer needs we enable you to manage current and build future brands intelligently and cleverly to maximize brand equity and performance across markets. It’s about reducing complexity, increasing efficiency and focusing your resources to position your brands most distinctively.

Go-to-market strategy

It’s more than the classic virtue of delivering the right message through the right channels at the right time. It’s about the whys, whos, whens, and hows that will enable you to improve the conversion rates, shorten the buyer journey – increasing revenue and ROMI. Rooted in an always-on customer presence, our go-to-market strategies help your business navigate both short- and long-term changes, creating a business plan outlining the target audience, marketing plan, and sales strategy.


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