We use data & insights to identify what really matters to a brand’s audience, often by finding the true statistical drivers of people’s willingness to buy a brand more often or pay more for it.

Investigate / Collect the data & get to know your customers

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A segmentation is the first step in determining who your marketing should target. At Sunrise, we help you identify which groups exist so you can later identify which groups to target based on attractiveness, and formulate differentiating value propositions to win the target segments.

Market segmentation: A segmentation study helps you classify the market into smaller, more defined groups that share similar characteristics based on quantitative research. It allows you to get to know for instance your customers’ values and attitudes, and combined with insights into their willingness to pay, purchase intent and basket size, you can determine each segments’ value and potential, creating a common view of the customers and prospects across marketing and sales.

Persona development: We will help you create personas to better understand your prospects and customers on a more personal level. Where segmentation seeks to identify customer groups at a higher-level, personas are devised to provide a rich, qualitative understanding of motivations and behavior. For instance; what are their characteristics, needs and experiences, and what challenges and frustrations do they face? This helps you understand who they are and how you can ensure relevance and best connect with them.

Brand Analysis

A brand analysis allows you to take a step back and look how your brand is performing in the eyes of the customers, and understand your place in the market. When doing so, it’s an advantage to have an external ‘outside-in’ partner as a part of the process. This will help inform your marketing strategy, whether considering a rebrand or simply wanting a broader overview of current performance and positioning against competitors.

Brand image: Today, consumers don’t buy your products simply because you have the best product, but because of what you stand for and how you can help the customers become who they want to be. At Sunrise we help you conduct a brand image analysis to identify what customers or potential buyers associate with your brand in comparison to your competitors’ brands. This is the first step to later identify how to position your brand in the market and win the hearts of your target customers.

Drivers and barriers: An analysis of drivers and barriers shows both sides of the story; what drives and prevents customer choice, and how your brand performs on these parameters in comparison to your competitors. For instance, sustainability can be a main driver in the eyes of the customers, but an area where your brand performs poorly. Such analysis will guide your communication in terms of which barriers to minimize (or even better, remove), and which drivers to emphasize.

Customer Journey

The customer journey is the complete sum of experiences that your customers go through when interacting with your brand across physical and digital touch points – before, during and after a buying experience. These insights can help you build a deep understanding of your different customers’ buying process, which in turn will allow you to better optimize and personalize the customer experience.

Customer journey mapping: Mapping the customer journey will provide you a visual representation of the full experience of being a customer. It will help you tell the story of your customers’ experiences with your brand across all touchpoints – from social media to website, physical stores or other channels, detailing how a customer becomes aware of your brand, their interactions with your brand and beyond, identifying how your brand is supporting your marketing and sales efforts.

Customer insights: Sometimes you need insights into specific business questions, challenges or potential opportunities. In such cases, Sunrise will help you with a check-in with the consumers, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of how your audience thinks and feels about a certain topic, and most importantly, why they feel this way, enabling you to quickly move on with a strategic question or hunch.


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