Our Method

We believe that companies can’t make the creative leaps needed for growth without going beyond data analysis and gaining real customer insight. We are still insanely curious about people and what makes them tick. For us, that’s still the most important marketing question.

We do this through a data-driven method called INC. This method helps our clients move from complexity to simplicity, and enables them to make better, more informed decisions about their business and marketing. So go ahead and find your way with INC.


We use data & insights to identify what really matters to a brand’s audience, often by finding the true statistical drivers of people’s willingness to buy a brand more often or pay more for it.

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We develop the brand & strategy by exploring possible positions – relevant, credible and engaging areas of focus for the brand’s image and communication. We also create big creative concepts – a long-term, distinctive core idea that unites and directs all the brand’s marketing efforts.

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We focus our activation & implementation by generating, executing and distributing creative solutions for the target audience in a relevant way, in order to create attention, emotion and reach key business objectives.

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Our Services

At Sunrise we offer a wide brim of services from user research and strategy, to content production, technology platform recommendations and bla bla.

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