Brand Platform

brand platform is the set of associations that customers make with your company. Some of these associations may be quite obvious and strong, like the brand Volvo is associated with safety.

At Sunrise we believe that is the brand platform from which every successful marketing campaign is launched. Any marketing effort that hopes to be on target needs a well-designed brand strategy behind it. When we devise your brand strategy, we are actually making a business case for why your business, product, service, event, campaign or project – whatever it is – should be positioned in a particular way. We are sleuthing out your true competitive advantage, the reason your market will want to walk right past your competitors and knock on your door. And, just like a political party runs on a platform and that platform is made up of declared policies called planks, so is the brand platform defined by a set of declarations.

The brand platform include

Brand concept

The one word or concept to be known for in the marketplace — the core and underlying message that is always communicated by the brand.

Brand promise

This is how we fulfill our customer’s expectations, meet their needs and build their trust so that they become a customer for life. It defines what our customers can expect from our brand everyday.

Brand vision

Express the future ideals of your brand. Setting a vision is the way to measure success.

Brand Positioning

A brand owns a position in the mind of the consumer. It may be high or low in terms of price and quality in relation to other brands. It defines who we are – and who we are not.

Brand Statement & Tagline

Who is the Brand for? What is the Brand product? How is the Brand differentiated? What is the reason to believe? The tagline distills these key ideas into a single phrase.

Brand Drivers

These are the key features and emotional benefits that differentiate our brand. The Drivers make our products relevant to our target customer and articulate our competitive strengths.

Brand Character


This is the brand’s character defined in human terms. Our personality shapes the look, feel, voice and tone of communications and product design.

Messaging Architecture


The Messaging Architecture or Platform can be as simple as an elevator pitch or built out as a comprehensive, product-by-product copy guide.

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