Our offering

Sunrise’s offering includes strategic analysis, brand strategy, long-term communication concepts, digital and traditional advertising, films, CVI, websites channel-independent creative ideas to reach specific objectives, always-on strategy, social media strategy and content, and creative distribution across earned, shared, owned and bought media…(pause for breath).

That was a lot of fancy marketing words. So below we developed a model to illustrate how we work.

Our framework

To elevate brands and people, we’ve devised a simple, evidence-based process for identifying and acting on what will help your brand succeed. The objective is to steer all your strategic and creative marketing needs based on four actions: Investigate, Calibrate, Navigate & Create

The method helps our clients move from complexity to simplicity, and enable them to make better, more informed decisions about their business and marketing.


Always on
Stand alone










Website Development
Developing corporate websites – from definition of content and design to coding and implementation

Building successful e-commerce solutions that convert visitors to costumers

Digital User Experience
Understanding the digital user journey across platforms

Marketing Automation
Building automated marketing flows across segments and channels based on the customer journey and CRM data



Always on

Paid Social
Paid advertising on social media that allows you to expose the right people at the right time with the content

Content Development
Planning and development of content based on the social media strategy

Video production
Development and production of rich content to supplement content strategy

Community Management
Ongoing community management and tracking of traffic

Analysis and Reporting
Tracking, analysis and reporting of results to identify challenges and opportunities across target groups and channels

SEO/SEM Optimization
Ongoing tracking and optimization of search strategy




Campaign Concept
The idea or ‘hook’ that ties the campaign together and gives your audiences a message to get behind and convinces them that now is the time to take action. Typically based on insights, brand and GTM strategy.

Internal anchoring campaign
The internal activation plan that creates a connection, motivation and commitment within your organization to the chosen direction. Typically in relation to brand calibration.

Campaign Collaterals
Communication collateral that contributes to the specific outcome or results of a campaign

Landing Page
Development and setup of a single landing page with a specific campaign purpose such as lead generation



Stand alone

Product Innovation
Development and testing of new product concept based on deep market and consumer understanding

Sales Presentations
Development of sales presentations to structure and optimize the work of the sales team

Annual Reports
Design and development of annual reports and other investor documents

Trade Shows and Exhibitions
Development of concept and design for trade show booths

Corporate Events
Conceptualization and development of corporate events and internal kick-offs




Go-to-market strategy
Prioritizing efforts and communication across media and target groups

Social Media Strategy
Defining a clear purpose for your presence to steer content planning, advertising, management and measurement

Digital Strategy
Prioritization of platforms and development of channel strategy

SEO/SEM Strategy
Identifying strategic keywords, bidding strategy and SEO optimization




Customer Journey
Understanding customers’ needs, behavior and motivation – before, during and after an interaction with the brand

Target Audience Segmentation
Thorough understanding of the customers – both the current and potential ones

Competitor Analysis
Overview of the competitor landscape and understanding of the brand funnel

Brand Tracking
Tracking the brand’s performance and activities in real-time to calibrate the strategy




Corporate Platform
Corporate long-term strategy across brands and commercial activities

Brand Platform
The heart of the brand – and the differentiating factor

Corporate Visual Identity
The red thread across logo, font, corporate colours and other visual guidelines

Communication Platform
The foundation for how we communicate



To ascertain the correct course of action for you brand and your people, we first take a deep dive into your current situation.

We investigate by taking a qualitative and quantitative approach to amassing data in relation to your challenge. We then form insights from three perspectives – company, target group and market – which form the basis of our strategy and the eventual solution.


Today’s empowered consumers make understanding the customer experience more important than ever.

Our customer experience experts help you navigate the customer journey, compile and group data, analyse it, extract insights and determine concrete actions that put your customers at the heart of your business.


The core of your brand must be set in stone. But how your brand responds to an ever-changing environment defines whether or not it will win.

Together we help you to define your brand’s distinct value. From vision and mission to CVI and communication platforms, we help strengthen your brand identity and futureproof it in the face of continual disruption – carefully calibrating your brand to ensure your commercial transition.


We elevate brands and people with engaging creative ideas that take your brand to the next level.

Once we calibrate your brand and navigate the customer experience, we can tailor your communication perfectly to your customers. It’s all about telling the right stories, that look good, sound good and make an impact.

Theory turned into action.

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