Your marketing needn’t stop
– even if your budget is locked.

With ReBoost, we can burst the standby bubble and get marketing activities going again together. That’s why we’re investing our time in a first joint project, so it doesn’t burden your budget here and now.

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Kick start marketing


Many business leaders are holding their breath right now and it may make sense to halt as many costs as possible. At the same time, years of experience advise against slamming on the brakes completely. It’s a classic dilemma in times of crisis; should we protect the bottom line with savings here and now or invest in the future through branding and building share of voice?

Of course, we are also affected by the current situation, but not so much so that we don’t have the muscle, faith and courage to look ahead and invest in initiatives that kick-start your marketing activities and at the same time benefit our own business. That’s the very honest purpose of ReBoost.

What is ReBoost?


With ReBoost, until 30th June 2020, you can launch a marketing project of your choice where we will invest our time in the first part of the collaboration so that it does not burden your budget here and now.

At the same time, we shake on the fact that you will start a project of equal value before the end of the year. Therefore, we jointly kick start your marketing activities and you get two projects for the price of one, while not having to find money in the budget here and now.

Applies to the agency’s own work, not external costs and for projects commissioned before 30th June 2020 and delivered before 30th September 2020.

Sunrise x Børsen

As Børsen supports initiatives aimed at setting the wheels of Danish business in motion, it has chosen to support ReBoost. We therefore offer a particularly advantageous and effective campaign package across Børsen’s many platforms so that you can reach the decision makers in your target market. The package in Børsen is tailored to create immediate visibility, branding and impact here and now – but without costs here and now. The only thing you are committed to is buying a campaign package for the same price before the end of 2020.

You can hear more about Børsen ReBoost by contacting Creative & Partner Sales, Senior Consultant, Jesper Nordlund.

Mobile: +45 72 42 50 31

Christian Rømer, Business Director, Ad & Partner Sales

“The recent crisis has created an unconventional marketing vacuum. But we know that Børsen’s users are really demanding communication, advice and good stories from the business milieu. So, if we as Denmark’s business media can support a marketing initiative that contributes to just that, it makes a lot of sense.”

Strengthen your brand in the short and long term

In times of crisis, you get an exceptional amount for your marketing dollar. Firstly, media prices are low and secondly, there is less competition – meaning you don’t have to shout so loud. Taking advantage of the opportunity to market yourself in the right way can give you a head start, strengthen your brand, create profits and secure a strong position in the market. Not just here and now, but also on the other side of the crisis. With ReBoost we have made it even easier to take advantage of this opportunity.

Who are we?


Sunrise is a Commercial Transition Agency that develops marketing strategies, digital campaigns and communication with effect – for our customers, our clients’ customers and for society at large. We are more than 35 dedicated marketing experts based in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. And we are known for building long-lasting partnerships and developing concepts that give our customers attention and success, both here and now and in the long run.

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