New business calls for more people at Sunrise

Always wondered who those Sunrisers are? We’ve taken our own medicine and done the research. Watch the video to get the quick rundown or read the full article to read more about our ambitions for the future and meet two of our newest team members, Josephine and Alex.

To mark a more than 20% growth in employees this year, we decided to do a survey among ourselves, so we could answer the question Who is the typical Sunriser once and for all. Watch the video to get the stats or get to know our team a little better here:

  • Stop by our offices and three out of five people, you’ll run in to, will be men.
  • You’ll probably catch us with a cup of coffee in hand, since 76% of us drink 3 or more cups a day.
  • Despite being a relatively young team, we have more than 300 years of experience in the field of marketing and advertising combined!
  • Not surprisingly, 33% prefer playing football, but we’ve got everything from gymnasts to sailors.
  • We’ve lived in more than 30 different cities around the world – from San Diego to Sydney.
  • Most of us live in Copenhagen today though, which explains why three out of four of us bike to work – even though we have our own parking right outside the door.
  • When Friday afternoon comes around, we’ll be most happy to be served up a Gin & Tonic or Aperol Spritz. But really, any wine is fine.


The department that has seen the most growth at Sunrise during the past year has been our digital and social media department. Associate Project Manager, Josephine Korch, and Associate Digital Marketing Consultant, Alexander Mærsk Lundhøj, are two of the newest members on the team. We had a short chat with them about joining Sunrise:

Josephine Korch, Associate Project Manager


Why did you join Sunrise?
Becoming part of an agency, where they recognize that the future is digital, but that the classic virtues of marketing still hold true, and must be translated to the 21st century, spoke to me a great deal. Another motivation was getting to be part of something bigger – and you get to be that with the journey Sunrise is on.

What’s it like helping companies with their commercial transition?
In some ways, it’s like the idea of the perfect relationship, where you have the same interest and the same goal, but it can only be achieved if you work together and elevate each other. But at Sunrise it’s not just a romantic notion – it’s every day-life. We set a team together with our clients and together we create results that we can be proud of.

What’s your best advice to someone joining Sunrise?
Don’t lose your “edge” – it’s what will make you fit in at an agency like Sunrise. Be prepared to run fast and give it that extra bit every day. At the end of the day, that’s what’ll make you better than you ever imagined possible. A wise man once said, “to travel is to live,” and at Sunrise we are on that journey together.

Alexander Mærsk Lundhøj, Associate Digital Marketing Consultant


Why did you join Sunrise?
I’ve always wanted to work as close with the clients as possible, to create a lasting and profound impact on their brand and bottom-line – and that’s the same vision I experienced walking through the doors of Sunrise. Working with inspiring people was also of high priority, and when I met with Christoffer – our Head of Social Media and Digital Transformation – I immediately got a sense of professionalism and vision.

What’s it like helping companies with their commercial transition?
Challenging and highly rewarding. Coming from a pure advertising agency, it was refreshing to see business as an integral part of the strategy and conceptualization of creative ideas. The close and continuous relationship with clients requires a great deal of trust and due diligence, which creates a great foundation for impactful work.

What’s your best advice to someone joining Sunrise?
Besides being ready for some great parties? Expect to be inspired by some incredibly bright minds with a drive that will motivate you to push yourself in a high-tempo environment. And don’t be afraid to dream big. Sunrise is a place that encourages innovation in order to set the standard for branding and digital presences – so bring your crazy ideas!

What does the future have in store?

Since Mikkel Heideby, Lars Egtoft and Simon Hertz became co-owners of Sunrise in 2017, a great deal has happened. Agency revenue grew close to 25% last year and ambitious growth targets have been set for the next five years. Realizing this journey, however, means bringing on even more new team members in 2020, where we expect another year with 20% growth.

“It’s a people business, and at the end of the day that means that we need to have the right team in place to succeed with The Commercial Transition Agency” says CEO & Co-owner, Simon Hertz. He continues: “The most important thing is that everyone is 100% onboard the journey that we are on. Then we can achieve anything.”

Most recently, the creative department was strengthened yet again by bringing two new senior creatives to the team. Christoffer Jacobsen and Rune Svends, who both have several years of experience from the agency world, will be starting December 2nd.

“In the beginning of the new year, we will once again be on the lookout for talented marketing consultants and more digital consultants to join the team” says Simon Hertz. Of course, if you can’t wait that long, we’re always happy to hear from you.


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