Marketing and Strategy Director Trine Rønsbøl Joins Sunrise as a New Associate Partner

By joining Sunrise in April 2022, Trine Rønsbøl is entering the agency world for the first time. She starts as an associate partner, having been country director at Ellos, strategic director at and most recently marketing director at Ønskeskyen.

With experience in the fashion and lifestyle industries, as well as in ecommerce, Rønsbøl will help strengthen and develop Sunrise’s existing focus on advising top management regarding strategy and digitalisation. Simon Hertz, CEO of Sunrise, welcomes this addition to the team:

“Trine’s results speak for themselves. Founded in customer insights, Trine’s work has repeatedly resulted in sharp business concepts and strong positions in the market.” He says and continues:

“Fortunately, her impressive CV does not stand in the way of the person Trine is. She has landed at Sunrise with her friendly and infectious mood and willpower. She has a desire and belief in the project which complements our values perfectly. So, I’m delighted that Trine has agreed to make her competencies in B2C branding and digital platforms available to Sunrise and our customers – and I am sure that they will support our wishes to create solid growth for everyone involved.”

The natural next step

Trine already feels comfortable in her new role:

“Both at and Ønskeskyen, I have had space to develop new concepts and product ideas as well as create strong partnerships,” says Trine:

“I imagine that this passion for developing new ideas together with others is a good starting point for stepping into a consulting role. Not least at an agency like Sunrise, which I have experienced working with from the customer side.”

As marketing director at Ønskeskyen, Trine met Sunrise when both companies had an ongoing dialogue on a number of projects:

“I got to know Sunrise when Simon Hertz and Christoffer Kleding offered some good advice about a project we had on the go at Ønskeskyen. And even though the project did not come to fruition, I found that the ideas were based on a well-thought-out, strategic basis.”

The meeting with Sunrise led to ongoing conversations where the parties got to know each other better. So, the new position was not vacant – it was tailored to Trine Rønsbøl.

“I’m reassured that we have gotten to know each other well before jumping into this new episode. That said, however, I must add that I’m entering this phase of my work aware that I am facing a steep learning curve. Every industry has its rules and methods, and although I dare to call myself well-versed in marketing, the role of consultant is new to me.”

Ready for change

“The prospect of having to start something new naturally gives you butterflies in your stomach – but in a good way”, says Trine Rønsbøl and continues:

“Change seems to be a condition of my life. I started my first company Rønsbøl Skincare, which today is owned by the Egmont Group, without knowing anything about either collagen or the law on medicines, so I thrive on taking on challenges in new terrain. Especially when, like here, I can do it together with talented and inspiring people,” says Trine.

Trine developed the products for her company Rønsbøl Skincare in collaboration with a pharmaceutical company in Aarhus at the same time as she developed home diagnostic products which she managed to sell to Dansk Supermarked:

“I think I can be proud of that. Just as I am proud that a skincare line bearing my name is alive and well, 8 years after I sold the company. The only “but” might be that I did not get any solid royalties “, adds Trine Rønsbøl with a smile.

“Instead of royalties, I was lucky enough to be allowed to work at Boozt, and it was a good exchange. For Boozt was about being driven by an entrepreneurial spirit. Herman Haraldsson and Peter G. Jørgensen rarely said no to ideas – as long as you yourself ran ahead with the ideas and realized them. It was for that reason that Boozt was a good environment for me”, says Trine and concludes:

“I hope I can use that entrepreneurial gene to help our customers and that I can make my contribution to Sunrise’s growth and development.”

Trine Rønsbøl

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