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Date: 04. december 2018
Time: 08:45 – 10:50
Location: Hillerødgade 30B, 2200, København N

Date: 05. December 2018
Time: 08:45 – 10:50
Location: Redmark, Sommervej 31C, 8210, Århus V


Customer Journey analysis, mapping, and management are one of the most common focus points for CMOs in mid-sizes companies in 2018. If that is the case for you as well, you might already know how challenging it is to define the dimensions of a Customer Journey project. It often becomes either too superficial or unreasonably complex. Based on a new study, investigating some of the busiest marketing managers tasks, this morning session will provide you with an idea of how mid-sized companies can handle this task in a favourable way.

08.45-09.00 Registration and morning coffee

09.00 Welcome and introduction

09.10 What is on the CMO’s to-do list in mid-sized companies?

This session will provide you with key findings from a new study, investigating the key agendas for CMOs in mid-sized companies anno 2018. Amongst other topics, the study, which has been conducted in collaboration with UserTribe, examines:

  • What is important to me as a CMO?
  • Which areas do I feel, that we are ready to work with?
  • Where are the biggest gaps?
  • How do you prioritise?

As mentioned, the study reveals that working with Customer Journey is very essential. Additionally, it investigates the difference between the challenges that b2b companies are facing, compared to the challenges that b2c companies are facing.

09.40 Pause

09.50 Customer Journey mapping in mid-sized companies

How can a marketing function with 3-7 employees implement a Customer Journey project? What is scoped if you want to avoid drowning, yet still want to be thorough enough to generate results that will be useful for concrete mapping and optimisation?

  • What is Customer Journey Mapping in reality?
  • How do you map and tie the touchpoints together?
  • How do you set up a Customer Journey project?
  • What are the elements of a Customer Journey project?
  • How do you then prioritize the different elements and areas of action?

One of the most important steps is to look at the drivers and barriers. This morning session will provide you with a concrete example of how a mid-sized producer has achieved action-oriented knowledge through a well-proportioned Customer Journey project. The company works both with B2B and B2C customers.

10.50 Conclusions



Rating: 5/5
“Spændende at høre om hvordan man også kan angribe kunderejsen og arbejdet med personaer. Foredragsholderne var dygtige og underholdende. De havde også en rigtig god forståelse for de pain points der er hos marketingansvarlige i hverdagen og et bud på en løsning.”

27-09-2018, Anne-Marie Gebbink, Head of Global Product Marketing, TimeXtender

Rating: 5/5
“Præcis “ind-til-benet” præsentation af et emnet, som god inspiration for yderligere fordybelse. Godt illustreret ved en konkret case.”
27-09-2018, Joan Regitza Garlov, Head of Sales Transformation, PostNord”

Rating: 5/5
“Relevant og konkret gennemgang af hvordan man kan tilgå Customer Journeys.”
27-09-2018, Anita Olsen, Director Product Marketing, INVISIO Communications

Rating: 5/5
“Meget interessant oplæg. konkret og hands-on med god case.”
27-09-2018, Caroline Heegaard, Marketing Manager, FOA

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