The marketing landscape is changing at a rapid pace, and the CMOs has a lot on their agenda in 2018. One of the major marketing trends that have dominated the commercial approach during the past couple of years, is influencer marketing.

However, as the number of Danish and international influencers skyrocket, consumer scrutiny is increasing. The amount of sponsored content and advertising has grown to such an extent that the credibility and impact of the blogging media are often the topic of discussion – so how do you ensure impact through a medium with so much noise?

There is a need for a new approach to influencer marketing. We too often see companies who misinterpreted the procedure as they send a nicely wrapped product to an influencer. This alone will not make any impact. If companies have a sincere wish to increase involvement and influence purchasing behaviour, conceptualization is vital, and RELEVANCE is a keyword.

When working strategically with influencers, it is important to find a match between influencer and brand, but even more crucial is the company’s ability to create a relevant and conceptualized narrative that incorporates the influencer. To work strategically with influencer activation, it can be helpful to ask yourself the following questions: Which target group do we want to address? How does the influencer fit the brand identity? Which conversation do we want to initiate in the target group? And how do we think the influencer can activate our product and message? At the same time, companies need to prioritize their resources to conceptualize their effort. They have to have the courage to put the product and brand in the background and allow the narrative and influencer to speak for itself. Focusing on the product alone often results in a very short-lived and thus expensive influencer campaign.

The best for us

Apotekernes A.m.b.a., the association for Danish pharmacies, chose an insight-based approach to influencer marketing for their brand Apotekets. The campaign was based on insights about women’s physical and mental development from the stage, where they see themselves as girls to they begin to see themselves as women. The insights showed that as women grow older, they become increasingly aware of what is best for themselves and their family/loved ones. Suddenly, focus is on the future; they become concerned with how to live and eat healthily – and what they put on their bodies. They begin to make more active choices about their health and well-being, and feel more responsible.

In collaboration with Apotekernes A.m.b.a., Sunrise developed the concept “The best for us” for Apotekets to get in touch with the primary target group of women aged 25+ by drawing on these insights. Based on qualitative and quantitative analysis, we selected a number of bloggers and micro-influencers, all of whom were invited to hear about the concept, brand and products. At the event, the influencers shared their thoughts about the concept and their personal angles; What was best for them and their family/loved ones, regardless of the topic. That way we ensured autonomy for the influencers’ (promotion of the product), while staying loyal to the brand identity of Apotekets.

Apotekernes A.m.b.a. was responsible for the execution of the influencer campaign. If you want to know more, feel free contact Teresa Gotfredsen on +45 28 70 04 56 or tgo@sunrise.dk

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