ege carpets enters the European market with a new corporate branding concept

As part of a major growth strategy ege carpets focused on capturing significant market shares in the European landscape, while maintaining a solid focus on the core values of design, quality and respect expressed in a new engaging corporate branding concept.

Research and testing across markets

To meet the ambitions and goals, Sunrise initiated a hypothesis-oriented process. Based on thorough market research and a wide range of insights Sunrise developed several concept interpretations, which were then tested both externally and internally across the markets. Based on the test results, a sustainable corporate branding concept was developed under the tagline:

The Urge to Explore Space

Innovative and trendsetting solutions

The Urge to Explore Space is founded in the many aspects of human relation to the space that surrounds us. Based on different creative tools principally from the world of geometry – dimensions, shape, mirror and light / shadow – the concept emphasizes a human’s eternal need to explore and to push the boundaries of the unknown. By actively using these creative geometric elements across all campaigns, we engage and draw the viewer into ege carpets’ creative universe.

The concept also consolidates ege carpets’ position as trendsetter and market leader within B2B carpeting solutions and demonstrates their ability to create innovative and bold carpet solutions.

Corporate website, Sales support app, Film production and Social Media strategy

In alignment with the corporate branding concept a new corporate website was developed (see it here), a sales support app for the European sales teams and an international social media strategy.

Following campaigns have been developed:

The Kaleidoscope – first European Campaign

In order to engage the viewer following the guidelines of the concept we duplicated and quadrupled ege carpets own product images. This created a kaleidoscopic effect opening a whole new universe that was in line with our geometric perspective creating fascinating spaces for the viewer to explore. Complemented by the tagline “The Urge to Explore Space”, the campaign consolidated ege carpets’ position as the trendsetting and innovative market leader within the carpet industry.

Shape of an Echo — second European Campaign

This time we took the viewers to the next level by applying new visual effects from the geometric universe, such as Deep Space, Zircon and Diamond, to the original frame and picture, and therefore creating new open and inviting spaces.

Content film with Tom Dixon and Mr. Christian Lacroix

Finally, we have created several promotional films for ege carpets including their collaborations with world-renowned designers such as Tom Dixon and mr. Christian Lacroix.

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