Eat. Sleep. Social Media. Repeat. – Three social media content trends from 2020 that have followed us into 2021

Needless to say, the competition for customer attention is fierce and it can be hard to keep up with the latest content trends across the various platforms.

We asked Social Media Consultant, Jana Christensen, what content trends she sees hitting our feeds right now that not only kept us entertained the past year, but will most likely continue to thrive in 2021. Additionally, she breaks down what it is exactly that makes these trends so interesting at this point in time.

#1 Memes: Using memes for branding purposes is increasing 

Sure, memes can make you LOL. But they also have the ability to make you feel like you’re part of a unique community or subculture. According to Instagram, over 1 million posts mentioning “meme” are posted each day on the platform. The format plays a significant role in social media culture, with heightened demand for a sense of community only increasing its presence in 2021.

“Memes are not a new form of content as such, but the way we see brands using the humorous format is radically developing and growing. With brands using memes in a commercial context, we see them mirroring the behaviour of their users and fans. The brand therefore becomes a social media user on the same level as you and me,” says Jana. She continues:

“Memes have the power to change context and create an agreed subtext amongst people with the same cultural or subcultural understanding. They can underline and visualize frustrations your target audiences may experience, and they can enhance happiness and togetherness – making your audience comment “OMG! Relatable!”. This makes memes highly shareable between users.”

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#2 TikTok: Achieving viral hype with authentic content 

You can’t talk about social media without mentioning the year’s fastest growing platform. TikTok has already been downloaded more than 2 billion times worldwide, which makes it the most downloaded app of 2020.

“TikTok plays a significant role in the development of video content on social media. The content is quick, funny and in a lo-fi style where content is created in-app. We see brands and businesses picking up on this style to increase engagement and their presence on TikTok is only expanding. If you want to succeed on TikTok it’s important to play the part and create authentic videos to engage your audiences,” states Jana.

TikTok has already proven itself to be a powerful platform with regard to brands, as we have seen products ripped from the shelves as a result of a single TikTok video. There’s even a viral trend called “TikTok made me buy it”. Jana explains:

“There’s already a list of products that have sold out due to popularity amongst TikTokkers. Perhaps you have heard of the legendary Feta Cheese Pasta? Rumour has it that feta cheese was sold out for weeks in Finland! As a brand, you can achieve viral hype if your content is authentic. The best way is to truly get to know the platform or team up with TikTok creators, as they are the true experts of the platform.”


Baked Feta Pasta is def worth all the hype!! Inspired by the lovely @feelgoodfoodie ? #fyp #foodtiktok #bakedfeta #pasta #foryou #foryoupage

♬ Taste It – Ikson

Video to the left: An example of a popular Australian food influencer taking on the trend.


The day #uunifetapasta was born in my kitchen ?? #bakedfetapasta #fetapasta #foodtiktok #viralfood

♬ Hot Stuff – Kygo & Donna Summer

Video to the right: The Finnish influencer who made the original Feta Pasta recipe.

#3 Multi-platform interchange: Using content flow to your advantage 

With the growing number of social media platforms, we are seeing a tendency for content to flow across channels. Tweets are turning into Instagram posts, images and GIFs are shared on Twitter, TikTok content is shared on Instagram, and Instagram posts on Facebook.

“As social media has grown to be a vital part of the way we communicate globally and across generations, we – as users – are getting more used to decoding the messages across formats and platforms. Users are changing seamlessly between platforms, and they expect to be entertained and gain knowledge based on the content, not the platform,” says Jana.

This tendency is quite beneficial for brands and businesses, as it provides a way to work smart and efficiently with content creation. Making content that can be shared across multiple platforms can spare many hours of creative work without compromising the quality of the content.

“As users have become comfortable with interchanging between platforms, brands and businesses are beginning to do so as well. This is extremely interesting from a content creation point of view, as it provides the opportunity to convey messages to different audiences – maintaining or even growing reach and engagement while still using the same resources in production.”

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Social media is not a constant. Trends come and go at various rates, with some living on for years and others barely making it to our feed before disappearing forever. As brands and businesses are constantly exposed to examples of how social media can add value, keeping up to date on the latest content trends can help you fuel your strategy and potentially be your ticket to standing out from competitors.

However, it’s important to remember just how many trends are out there, and that while some are worth joining, not all will benefit your business. That said, we are confident the three trends above are worth considering including in your social media strategy throughout 2021.