Our CEO Simon Hertz has been chosen as one of Denmarks Top 100 Marketers

Each year, Dansk Markedsføring pick the 100 most influential Marketers in Denmark for their annual M-list – and once again, our CEO & Co-founder Simon Hertz was chosen.

About his selection, Dansk Markedsføring wrote (translated from Danish):

Simon Hertz is an innovative marketer with a solid strategic foundation. After some rough years for Sunrise, Simon has once again put the agency in the offence and transformed the agency from being a traditional advertising agency to becoming The Commercial Transition Agency. Simon has bought in two new partners and gotten 15 new companies on the client list – amongst those is Hafnia Tankers, Sampension and nemlig.com. The new Sunrise will be driven by knowledge, insights and effect while maintaining the strong ideas and sharp creative executions – and one must say, that Simons sharp approach to the market makes him the soundest profile for this matter. For this reason, we believe that Simons nomination is fully deserved.

In the context of his selection for the M-list Simon Hertz answered several questions concerning his challenges, agendas and expectations for 2019, which you can read all about here. 

We want to congratulate all the nominees that were chosen for the M-list. Also, a tribute to all the other marketers in Denmark, who doesn’t appear on the list, but through hard work and innovative ideas is making a difference for their company, co-working and for the business in general.

Read about the M-list here.

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