Product launch for the world’s leading collaborative robot manufacturer

Universal Robots

Raising the bar with the world’s leading collaborative robot manufacturer


As the global market leader, with a 60% market share within the collaborative robots industry, Universal Robots is constantly at the forefront of the technological innovation. By working hand-in-hand with operators, Universal Robots has developed products, designed to integrate seamlessly into virtually any production environment. This has made automation accessible to small and large manufacturer businesses globally, revolutionizing the manufacturing industry.

After years of continuous R&D efforts, Universal Robots was ready to launch their latest generation of collaborative robots; the e-Series.


From an almost non-existing category of industry machinery, the collaborative robot (cobot) category has evolved substantially and is forecasted to be a market worth $2 billion by 2021. This is an impressive growth, that is expected to have an CAGR of 62.71% during the forthcoming years*. Since their first robot launched in 2008, the success of Universal Robots has attracted a substantial amount of attention from the largest companies within the robotics industry, such as Kuka and Fanuc. Although competition is welcomed, this creates an ongoing and rising pressure, not only their R&D efforts, but also on their ability to further differentiate and sharpen their go-to-market strategy, marketing efforts and operational tactics – especially when launching a new product, like the e-Series.

*Source: Bis Research Analysis, Global Collaborative Industrial Robot Market, 2016-2021


With a technical advanced product like an industrial collaborative robot, which has revolutionised the manufacturing industry, it can be tempting to fall into the “trap” of elevating the creative concept to a level of sophistication and abstruseness that loses touch with target groups consisting of automation engineers, production managers and CFO/CEO’s of SME manufacturer


Together, Universal Robots and Sunrise decided to create a product launch campaign for the e-Series, with a straightforward message that tapped directly into the core needs of their target group. As such, it had to balance the need to communicate both the enhanced new product features as well as the augmented problem-solving benefits of Universal Robots’ automation platform, related to the target groups business. What they need is a reliable product which is easy to use and implement. This is allowing them to automate manufacturing processes in their company and helping them to further grow their business and thereby gain competitive ground over their competitors.


This is the core value proposition of Universal Robots, and with the new e-Series, they’ve raised the bar even further, providing a future-proof platform for growth.

Making one of the most significant milestones for Universal Robots in recent years, they naturally wanted to create an extensive campaign universe for the e-Series launch. As a close collaborator, Sunrise has helped and consulted in the development of every element, from the overlying concept development to the subsequent roll out, across display banners, web, print, social and video – creating a coherent and integrated launch campaign.

“Since their first robot launched in 2008, the success of Universal Robots has attracted a substantial amount of attention from the largest companies within the robotics industry”.


A collaborative robot, cobot, is a small industrial robot that can handle lightweight tasks. The strength of Universal Robots’ automation platform lies in its ability to flexibly automate virtually any task, handling precision-tasks down to 0,03 mm, while working alongside humans, making it an obvious partner in tasks that requires precision and repeatability with human oversight.

Furthermore, in contrast to heavy machinery known from e.g. assembly lines in the auto industry, the e-Series cobot, is easy to set-up and does not require a degree in engineering to install.

Universal Robots have held the leading position for the last 10 years and has recently been able to celebrate the sale of robot #25.000 ( Far more than all their competitors combined.

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