Revitalizing Denmark’s largest organic coffee and bakery chain


A new corporate visual identity for emmerys


emmerys is Denmark’s largest organic coffee and bakery chain specialising in quality bread, cakes and coffee sold from their 31 stores in the Copenhagen and Aarhus area.


After some years of intensified competition, emmerys decided it was time to develop a new strengthened corporate visual identity, tagline and brand promise as a part of a comprehensive revitalization strategy.


This raised the question of how emmerys in the future should position the brand in order to reach its full potential.

To develop the most market-relevant direction for the brand’s new CVI, tagline and brand promise, emmerys and Sunrise started analyzing and mapping out the brand’s competition, performance, foundation, and potential. This resulted in four key brand strategic choices, which became drivers for the position.


Based on the brand strategic choices, a new brand promise was developed – “mindful coffee moments”. This was accompanied by a renewed corporate visual identity, including a distinctive new brand stamp and tagline – “organic coffeehouse and bakery”. In order to ensure a fit with the aspired brand position and new visual identity, the entire chain’s store concept and design were revamped.

The two first of these ‘new’ emmerys stores – designed with the new brand identity, look and feel – opened in the summer of 2018. In addition to the branding strategy, Sunrise and emmerys have worked together on brand activation activities across social media and packaging.

Based on the brand strategic choices, a new brand promise was developed –
“mindful coffee moments”.

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