We believe in Elevating Brands & People

We are known for creating lasting partnerships and creative concepts that bring long-term fame and success to our clients. Our aim is to develop work that makes a big impact here and now, but an even greater difference for your brand and you in the long run.

That’s why our purpose is Elevating Brands & People.

Why are we called Sunrise?

A sunrise is a fresh start. A new beginning – full of ideas and renewed energy. A sunrise brings the light, takes away the darkness and makes anything seem possible. A sunrise is full of optimism, high spirits and good energy. And that’s what we bring to our clients.

We believe that with every sunrise a new reality unfolds for your brand – with new challenges and new opportunities. We help your brand adapt to a world of relentless change and make sure it keeps resonating with your audience, wherever they are.

We love building brands and we love helping the people behind them. So whatever new reality unfolds we’re ready to help you and your brand come through it stronger and more relevant than ever. Welcome to a new dawn.

What characterises our clients?

We’ve specialised in advising ambitious companies driven by growth. These companies might not be the largest in the market in terms of size or marketing budget, but they have the ambition and desire to make a difference.

That’s why they need advice from a senior team that can help them deliver on their ambitions while keeping both feet firmly planted on the ground. In other words, our clients are companies in need of an agency that masters the best of a consultancy and an advertising agency.

When to partner up?

At some point, all companies face changes that require a special course of action. That might be a product launch, a need for a new digital strategy, growth plans, increased competition, a merger, entry into new markets or perhaps just a drop in sales with no accountable explanation. So what should be done? Where’s the best place to start? And how many resources should be invested to emerge stronger on the other side? Changes like this all have one thing in common: they are a good time to bring in a fresh pair of eyes. At Sunrise you get an experienced agency that combines data-driven analysis with talent-driven creativity and digital solutions, and a dependable partner for companies that want to succeed in an ever-changing market.

Let’s start by taking a cup of coffee.

The Sunrise Team

We elevate brands and people through a diverse team of leading communication specialists with strategic and creative competencies.

How? Each project team is selected according to the task at hand, their corresponding strengths, and chemistry with the client.

We are focused on your commercial transition and identify what will enable this early on, based on a comprehensive action plan that is specific to your organization. We know it’s the people behind your brand that make a difference, so we support you every step of the way and make sure our efforts effect every level of the organization from the bottom up.

So, go ahead and meet the team.

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