We believe in Elevating Brands & People

We are a 100% privately-owned Danish Commercial Transition Agency. Based in Copenhagen, we are known for developing lasting partnerships and creative concepts that bring long-term fame and success to our clients. Our aim is to create solutions that make a big impact in the present, and an even bigger difference for you and your brand in the long run.

What do we do?

All agencies claim to do more or less the same. You know the story: “we combine strategy and creativity and deliver integrated marketing and digital experiences”.

This is exactly what we do as well. But in order to make what we do more tangible, we have divided our services into three primary areas.

Nonetheless, if we had to describe all the types of projects we help our clients with, the list would be far too long. So, if you can’t find what you are looking for below, simply reach out and ask us about it.

1. We collect data & help companies understand their customers

We use data and insights to identify what really matters to a brand’s audience – defining the true statistical drivers behind people’s desire to buy a brand or willingness to pay more for it. Our expertise covers segmentation, brand analysis, customer journey and other projects involving customer insights.

2. We develop strategy & build brands

We develop brand strategy with a focus on possible positions – exploring relevant, credible and engaging focus areas for a brand’s image and communications. Our competencies include identifying which customers to target and how, pinpointing positions for brands, products and services, developing marketing roadmaps and helping define objectives. We also specialise in creative concepts, developing long-term and distinctive core ideas that unite and direct all of a brand’s marketing efforts.

3. We activate strategy and assist implementation both internally and externally

We approach activation and implementation by generating, executing and distributing creative solutions for a brand’s target audience in a manner that captures attention, evokes emotion and ultimately meets key business objectives. We help clients with their always-on activities, CRM, campaign planning and production, and advise on how to best apply data, digital platforms and other technologies.

Industries we serve

Consumer Goods
Food & Drink

Culture & Education
Financial Services
Professional Services
Travel & Hospitality

What characterises our clients?

We specialise in working with ambitious companies that are motivated by growth. They may not be the largest companies, and they may not have the largest marketing budgets, but they have big ideas and a desire to make a difference. We offer the ideal fit for these companies, delivering the best of a consultancy and an advertising agency to help clients fulfil their aspirations – and continue reaching for more.

When to partner up?

At some point, all companies face a challenge that requires a special course of action. It could be a product launch, a merger, entry into new markets or perhaps an inexplicable dip in sales. Such challenges and changes call for a fresh pair of eyes. At Sunrise, these eyes are experienced and reliable, as we combine data-driven analysis with creative and digital solutions to lead companies to success in an ever-changing market.

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