About Us.

Sunrise is an internationally focused agency that delivers measurable results based on targeted analysis, insight-driven strategy and standout creative execution.

We are known for our highly interactive, open way of working and our fast-moving, fast-working and collaborative culture.

Why we’re called Sunrise
The sun rises. A fresh start. A new beginning each day. Full of ideas and a renewed energy and belief that today is going to be even better than yesterday. A sunrise brings the light, takes away the darkness and delivers new opportunities. A sunrise is full of optimism, high spirits and good energy. And that’s what we bring to our clients.

What characterises our clients
For over 20 years, we’ve specialised in advising ambitious companies driven by growth. These companies might not be the largest in the market in terms of size or marketing budget, but they have the ambition and desire to make a difference. That’s why they need advice from a senior team that can help them deliver on their ambitions while keeping both feet firmly planted on the ground. In other words, our clients are companies in need of an agency that masters the best of a consultancy and an advertising agency.

What we believe in
Good relationships – the basis of any working partnership.

Business understanding – the foundation for relevant
and value-adding consultancy work.

Effect – the motivation for continuous improvement for us and our clients

What we don’t believe in
A single dogmatic formula or standard process that can magically solve all of our clients’ challenges. Effect is never formulaic.

Our concept and payoff
Respect for effect®.

Welcome to Sunrise

Meet the team


Sunrise A/S
Hillerødgade 30B
2200 KBH N
+45 70 133 132

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