A merry Christmas campaign for nemlig.com

nemlig.com recently launched a new Christmas commercial continuing its communication concept: “Mere tid til livet” – this time reminding us what’s really important around Christmas by using the Danes’ own memories caught on camera.

Christmas reminds us all about the importance of making time for our nearest and dearest – and because of the busyness of everyday life, especially during the Christmas month, we might need a helping hand. And that is what nemlig.com provides – a helping hand saving the Danes time by offering a convenient way of buying groceries, meaning; more time with the family, with friends and for all the cosy traditions during December.

In order to remind the Danes about these meaningful memories and moments with family and friends, what better way than to use their own memories caught on camera – as they often are around the holidays. Together with Sunrise, nemlig.com started a search all over Denmark for Christmas home videos, from siblings playing in the snow to the dance around a beautiful tree. And it paid off.

nemlig.com has received hundreds of videos from every corner of Denmark – from new iPhone videos to old Super8 and VHS videos.

Selected videos made it to the nation-wide TV commercial and others will be supporting the digital exposure and film content for social media.

While most retailers use Christmas to communicate products and sales, nemlig.com’s Christmas campaign reminds the Danes about those moments that have a special place in our hearts and to find the time to keep them coming.

Read more about nemlig.com’s communication concept “Mere tid til livet” here.

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